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Hillary Clinton facing 1-10 years; Likely to Be Indicted Early May


This video surfaced earlier this month combining video feeds from experts as to what’s really going on with Clinton and her Email scandal. According to the video she could be facing charges from a Misdemeanor with up to 1 year sentence all the way up to a 10 year sentence and a felony.

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It could even go up to the President of the United States, the question is how could the President not know that emails he was sending to his Secretary of State were not over a secure line to a secure email server, secured by the top security professionals, but instead a private email server setup by a Clinton staffer?

Some people ignoring polls say that Sanders can’t beat Trump. Let me ask you this – please list one former President of the United States that won while serving jail time.

If the matter of Hillary Clinton’s electability and a Democrat beating Donald Trump for the Whitehouse, then you must start to ask yourself – what will Trump say about her scandal, and has anyone EVER won a Presidential race while involved in a scandal this big?

Hillary Clinton Email Scandal


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  • Joel Spurlock

    The sender to her email address can’t determine which server she would use to access the email account. If it was sent to her from an encrypted server and she opened it at home or forwarded it to her gmail account, that is entirely her fault.

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      There was nothing received on her server that was listed as Classified…try again. BTW her server was NEVER hacked said the FBI last Friday. However, the State Department’s server was hacked. Colin Powell said the State Dept’s server was woefully inadequate which is why he liberally used his own aol email account. So did Condoleeza…so did Jeb Bush create their own server, so did Scott Walker, so did Mitt Romney,… should I continue?

    • Richard

      And you have served in government for how long Joel?

      • Joel Spurlock

        12 years. If she forwards it from her .Gov acct and clicks send unencrypted so she can read it at home it is her problem not the sender.

      • He’s got 12 years, how much you got?

    • ghost79

      yes.. They would.. by her email account. Since these are separate servers, not a forwarding situation. If she was just forwarding emails we’d at least have a trace of those. Her email from this system would have a different domain with it’s own MX records pointing to the mail server.

  • Mary

    She had the server set up within the first 2 weeks of her being appointed secretary of state.. one of her jobs was classifying information, she and bill were both very well aware of the security aspects, what she did she knew it was not going to be appropriate, nor secure. What she did was deliberate, without consideration for the Country, the position she held or any lifes she would jeopardize by doing this.. that mail went to her private server into the same program that everyone elses mail dropped into.. if anyone had picked up something on their email it would have effected hers also. And it went through her website to her.. what she responded did not have any security at all. The email were probably picked up by her blackberry from the website. or through her server. I’m amazed they allowed this to continue for as long as it did.. And no this is not a republican thingy after her, its her own negligence.

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      Absolute garbage! Hillary and others have set up private servers. On Friday, it was reported that the FBI found no evidence of her server being hacked, NONE! It wasn’t illegal to do so. Additionally, there was no mail sent through that server that was deemed classified, NONE! What she did was NOT illegal! Mitt Romney, Scott Walker, Jeb Bush, Condoleeza Rice and Sec Colin Powell all did the same or similar. BTW

    • inquisitorthreefive

      I’ll just go ahead and add that the email was found in the first place because the email of some she was emailed was hacked.

      • De Neice Kenehan

        Guccifer did hack Blumenthal but a FOIA request revealed the private address

        • inquisitorthreefive

          Do you have a source for that? From everything I’ve seen FOIA request prior to Guccifer’s release of HRC’s private emails failed in a rather misleading manner because there were no emails stored with State that fit the bill.

          • Topbrick

            there were no emails stored with State period.

          • inquisitorthreefive

            True. This is something I hadn’t mentioned previously but is definitely important to the conversation since it sheds light on exactly why the server was an end run around FOIA requirements.

            What I was trying to get at were that FOIA requests have to be fairly specific. If you don’t know what you’re looking for it can be very hard to get it. The returned FOIA requests would have said something along the lines of “There are no records that fulfill your request.”

        • daronlady620

          There isn’t a shred of evidence to support any of Guccifer’s allegations. But if you’re going to accept that his claims are genuine, then you have to accept his statement that there was nothing of a sensitive nature in Hillarys emails-it was all very mundane and not even that interesting, Those are his words.

      • Belladonnacotton


    • Laura ZZ

      But why? She plays dumb as if she had no understanding about securing emails, but what did she gain by not securing it? Convenience? She didn’t want to have a complicated login to mail that would be separate from her personal email? She set it up this way because she’s lazy?

      • castlelrd

        She set it up to keep anyone from seeing her email history. Probably because she knew she would be sending stuff that could get her in trouble or at least look bad politically. Didn’t turn out that well for her of course, but that was the motivation.

      • ghost79

        Not lazy. She setup a system that only she and her staffers could access, audit, archive, etc. Then she had someone delete everything. Not a good thing.

        • William Carr

          The emails weren’t “deleted”. Just erased.

          If you don’t know the difference, ask an IT guy.

          Keeping the Server private made it much more secure than keeping the emails at the State Department.

          THEY got hacked. She didn’t.

      • kjg28

        The running hypothesis is that she was communicating with other countries to funnel money into the Clinton Foundation in exchange for favors as Secretary of State. A lot of people think this is why the FBI is taking time to carefully build a case against her- because what she did was not just negligence and a security breech- but also deliberate fraud to make money. We’ll see if it hypothesis or correct at some point. Hopefully not after she gets the nomination, because then we WILL have President Trump. Let that sink in for a bit…

        • Two words: Huma Abedin. She was the nexus, having three jobs simultaneously – one in the WH, one as Clintons; assistant, and one as a facilitator for the Clinton Global Initiative. Why have one person handle all three wildly disparate if not conflicting positions? I am sure it was just “for convenience.”

      • dieselbug

        SOP for SoS. Powell did it before her.
        Where’s the indignation for GWB using RNC servers for ALL email during his term in office? ****crickets***

        • Carol O’Donnell


        • Powell did not have a server in his basement.

          • dieselbug

            He may not have, but it sure as shit wasn’t on the State Department’s network.

          • Powell also had a State Dept. Email account which he did use. Hillary is unique in not even having an official govt email account and using her personal email for 100% of her official business while at State.

          • Topbrick

            Powell used .gov. Private email address occasionally. Nothing like a private server.

        • thenonsequitur

          Is Colin Powell running in the Democratic primary? Is GWB running in the Democratic primary?

          • dieselbug

            No, but I don’t remember any outrage from anyone about their email use when they were in office.

        • Chris

          so grill him too, and powell.
          right now, we are talking about hillary, and ‘other people do bad things too’ is not, nor should it be, a relevant defense.

        • Justin

          GWB isn’t running for president, so frankly he’s not our primary concern right now. Preventing another disaster is higher up on the list of priorities.

    • bebeancla

      Secretary of Travel! 105 countries in four years. Tax payer funded vacation!

      • Jennifer Morgan-Curl

        Did she happen to notice in all that travelling, that other major countries have free healthcare for all thier citizens?

        • Strawberrychaos

          When Bernie eliminates the health insurance companies by putting everyone on Medicare, how many jobs will be lost?! How will he faze out private companies and the non profit companies? Will laws have to be passed by Congress to do this?

          Will the folks working at the health insurance companies be the first in line for all the necessary government jobs to handle medicare claims? An increase in government jobs means middle class taxes pay the salaries and benefits.

          Will the yearly fee for Medicare go up? Will the fees be structured for incomes? Will Bernie eliminate the yearly fees?

          Or will he have private companies handling medicare? How will the government monitor these private companies?

          What are the details for success? How long will it take? What is the set up for transferring insured folks with private companies and the folks using the ACA?

          • William Carr

            None of your questions are all that difficult.

            The Insurance Agencies will switch to selling OTHER insurance.

            Secondary Medical Insurance is big in Europe.

            People pay to insure they’ll get a better Hospital room, a fruit basket, home visits…

            “Will the folks working at the health insurance companies be the first in line for all the necessary government jobs to handle medicare claims?”

            Why not? We already have private companies handling Medicare billing.

            Seven years ago, a Con insisted to me that MediCare wasn’t a Government Program because his check came from a private company.

            I explained the company was a Government Contractor.

            He couldn’t believe it.

            “How long will it take?”

            One suggestion is phasing people in backwards, five years at a time… 65, 60, 55, 50, 45, 40.

            That would be apart from people who simply decided to buy in immediately.

          • inquisitorthreefive

            Frankly, if we passed single payer my job at the SSA would likely be in jeopardy. Even at the hearing level where I work I’d guess at least 30% of the claimants wouldn’t need or be eligible for T2 or T16 programs if they just had access to health care. One of these days I’m going to have to take the time to put the data together.

            That won’t stop me from pulling for it, though. The benefits far outweigh me having to go through a job search.

          • Belladonnacotton

            Sandnigger lover Sanders won’t be elected. So who cares

          • Michael

            Medicare was originally designed as for all system. Johnson just didn’t think they could get it passed. All that needs to be done is lift the age cap. That is how it was designed.Simple enough?

          • Medicare for all does not mean that the private health care system will go away. I live in Ireland, and although I am guaranteed a basic Medicare type coverage, My company still pays about $300/month for me to have a “Cadillac” plan – this means I get a private room and so on.It’s just like the free tuition plan – it does not mean that people will stop paying a fortune to go to Harvard, but it does mean that Mass will be free for in-state residents.

          • Basalat Raja

            Good question if you’re one of the millions of paper-pushers who work in the health industry. If you’re not, you might resent the fact that 40% of your medical dollars paid goes to pay the salaries of the people whose job it is to figure out ways to pay you less money and even deny your claim if possible.

          • picha2

            Right now the system is incredibly inefficient. To give you an example, one of my relatives was a surgeon in Kentucky. He hired 3.5 full time staff just to process the insurance claims (costing just his practice over $100,00 per year; now multiply that by all the surgeons in the USA). I think this cost was divided by two surgeons. In contrast, in Canada, a physician would likely share an office worker with another physician to do all of the office work, including filing single payer insurance, booking appointments, making referrals, and so forth. So this would mean 3 out of 7 insurance clerical workers would lose their jobs. But you have been, via your insurance premiums, paying those people all along to do something that has never benefited you in the first place. They have literally just been pushing papers around, and it cost you thousands of dollars per year to pay for this. Now, with efficient single payer, these people will need to be hired somewhere else eventually, and you will possibly pay a portion of that, indirectly, through federal taxes. But since you have to pay either way eventually, wouldn’t you rather benefit from, let’s say, extra school teachers, or extra nurses, or extra playground leaders, or road construction workers, where you can actually benefit from the fruits of their labours? Because when you pay people to just push papers about, you get zero extra services for this.

          • “insurance” is an awful industry as a whole. Just rips people off left and right. The only major country in the world where people go bankrupt because of medical bills is the United States – largely thanks to insurance companies that don’t cover anything serious. It sucks that people will lose their jobs, but that whole industry is evil and will be gone eventually when robots take over most jobs and Basic Income will be a requirement anyway.

          • FinalMythology

            Jobs will go up, people will save a lot of money despite taxes for their insurance, and there probably will be no private companies seeing as that insurance companies do not innovate nor improve the price of insurance through competition.

        • Belladonnacotton

          Yep that’s why there broke and failing.

          • Cynthia Wray

            Huh…somehow most of those countries have not been given that bit of news. They seem to believe they are still thriving. Their people are rated as happier than our people.

          • Dominic J. Norris

            NOT TRUE. The Scandinavian countries are not broke and failing, Canada is not broke and failing, Australia is not Broke and Failing. If any countries are broke and failing it is because of a corrupt banking system, illegal behavior by the IMF and don’t forget about the refugees fleeing the middle eastern countries that the United States Destroyed.

          • Topbrick

            Not broke or failing: Germany, France, Denmark (#1 country for business), Sweden, NZ, Australia, Canada, UK, etc etc.

          • rw

            get an education

      • Strawberrychaos

        Most celebrated Secretary of State in history. Her “travels” helped mend the Bush Jr. broken fences around the world. I live in Japan, and I can tell you the rest of the world has a mostly favorable opinion of her. Just short-sighted doofuses in the United States continue to malign her.

        • William Carr


        • Every person I talk to in the UK and Ireland hate her and/or think she is just corrupt. I have talked to people who had no idea who Bernie was, but they know Hillary Clinton was a bad egg.

          • veggiedude

            I’m from the UK, people love the Clintons and don’t understand the American hatred of her… same in Germany.

        • How much does Soros pay you to post this crap?

        • Justin

          “Most celebrated SOS in history” would be Thomas Jefferson. She doesn’t even crack the top 25. Short-sighted implies that we don’t do our research. However, she has been lying and manipulating the system ever since she was a Goldwater Girl campaigning for segregation.

        • Srsly

          You don’t live here, so you don’t really know. I am sure you aren’t shown all that we are. She is a liar. She lies about EVERYTHING, and she has used voter suppression tactics… shutting down polls, showing up to polls before people have a chance to vote.. do you realize how not okay that is???

      • William Carr

        God. As if it’s not the JOB of the Secretary of State to conduct Diplomatic visits.

        You are pitiful.

        • Topbrick

          You call making arms deals, promoting fracking and collecting money for your private coffers diplomacy? As Jimmy Carter said recently, Hillary Clinton did very little to promote peace. But then, her mentor is Kissinger so no surprise.

  • Josh Cat

    The Clinton crime syndicates days are numbered.

    • Rob Andersplus

      I’ll believe it when I see it. Too many firewalls in high places.

      • aceydoozy

        She will never be indicted.

        • Jerry

          Your probably right. She has friends in high places that will cover for her.

        • gumps47

          Correct because she didn’t do anything illegal.

          • Chase Steffen

            No. It’s really obviously SUPER illegal. Anyone who has ever had clearance knows how bad this is. And I’m a democrat. If she faces no consequence for it, it will be shamefully corrupt and hypocritical. She SHOULDN’T have a leg to stand on, and the fact that she’s lasted this long without facing any repercussions speaks to the corruption in our government. Come on now.

          • Joe H.

            Thanks, Chase, for your excellent post. FINALLY, a DEM that actually thinks for himself…very refreshing!

          • William Carr

            So, TWO Tea Bagging Trolls. Or just one, who’s talking to himself between two screen names.

          • De Neice Kenehan

            I’m still registered as a Democrat, though I consider myself a progressive independent. I’ve been following this from the beginning because I’m a retired lawyer and have always had a strong sense of justice. From everything I’ve read – and I’ve read a lot – it looks like she violated a number of federal laws. The way the Clintons seem to be unaccountable for their conduct, if we judge future from the past, nothing will happen to her.

            And if that happens it proves that the law applies only to the underclasses, not to the 1%

          • Dale Erickson III

            the law never applies to the 1%

          • sanduchi

            I have also. I do think that all her past evil corrupt dealings are finally catching up to her. I do not think she is getting out of this one. They are also looking into the Boeing deal and the Uranium deal. When I heard that I thought finally Karma.

          • William Carr

            “They are also looking into the Boeing deal and the Uranium deal.”

            God, a Tea Bagging Troll. Only complete idiots believe there was any “Uranium Deal” corruption.

            The Russian Government bought Uranium One, a Canadian based company with permits to mine in America.

            This was permitted by the President and duly processed by the State Department.

          • Why would our country allow the Russian owned company to mine uranium in the U.S.? It’s not good for national security.

            But then again, we have idiots that don’t seem to know anything but how to give to the Special Interests that keep them elected… as they stuff their pockets with taxpayer dollars and then borrow to cover their deficit spending!

            And as if that isn’t bad enough, they have to borrow money in order to give aid to countries that hate us. Are we the only country on the planet that is this “STOOPID”?!!

          • Justin

            No it’s not. It should be obvious to any red-blooded American. But $hillary trolls will say anything to make sure those checks from her victory fund keep coming in.

          • Topbrick

            “God, a Tea Bagging Troll”. The usual response from a Clintonbot when threatened with the necessity to question the pureness of Hillary Clinton.

          • Justin

            So if the sale was legal, it must automatically mean it’s ethical and in the best interests of the country then. Case closed.

          • William Carr

            You aren’t catching on, are you?

            It was LEGAL for the Russian Government to acquire the Canadian Company.

            It was LEGAL for the Canadian Company to own mining “interests” in the United States.

            It also wasn’t unethical in any way.

            President Obama screened it, and allowed it to pass.

            Your DESPERATE hopes to find SOMETHING to attack Hillary Clinton over are pathetic.

            My new name for the BernieBots is the “Tea Bots”.

            You make no more sense than the Tea Baggers, and your hatred of “the enemy” is identical.

            For a LONG time we suspected that the BernieBots were in fact Tea Baggers, but eventually had to give up that theory on the grounds that those imbeciles can’t SPELL.

            And that was a blow. Because it meant we had to acknowledge that there were fanatics on the Left every bit as STUPID as the Tea Baggers on the Right.

            That realization still sticks in my throat.

            I want to weep, to think that so-called “Liberals” buy into Conspiracy Theories as eagerly as the idiots on the Right.

          • Justin

            Enjoy a GOP presidency you fucking sheep.

          • Christina J

            Sure, because someone disagrees with you, even strongly, they must be stupid? I am, frankly, beyond sick and tired of this constant vitriol between Hillary and Bernie supporters. If you are fine with the actions of the Clintons then so be it. That is, of course, your right. But please be sure that you’ve made your decisions based on fact, that you’ve looked at everything with an open mind, that you haven’t allowed your view to be distorted by the usual “it’s only a right-wing conspiracy, a GOP talking point”. Forgive some of us for asking questions as opposed to some, and not necessarily you, personally, who seem to turn a blind eye to the truth, who are adamantly opposed to looking into anything because it’s time we had a woman in the WH or they just adore, to the point of worship, Hillary Clinton. Forgive those of us who vehemently refuse to buy into that, who simply do a little research, a modicum of investigation.
            I know I began as someone who, not only rarely, if ever, buys into any conspiracy theories, but also someone who was basically okay with Hillary Clinton, even though Bernie Sanders was my first choice. My reasons for researching Sec. Clinton were merely to find positives in a hope to feel better about casting my vote for her since it was likely I would be in the fall. What I discovered not only shocked and amazed me, it downright sickened me.
            If you want the truth try starting with Bill’s pardoning of Marc Rich, who was indicted on 65 criminal counts and made the F.B.I’s top ten most wanted list. Is it mere coincidence that this happened right after Rich’s ex-wife made a large contribution to the Clinton Foundation? Come on. They are still profiting from that. Then research Bill’s visit to Kazakhstan and Hillary’s subsequent decisions regarding their “President”/dictator and the approval for Frank Guistra (who currently is in collaboration with the Clintons in establishing a branch of their “Foundation” in Canada, where “coincidentally” it is not required that donor’s names are disclosed.) to obtain the rights to mine uranium there. Please note the sizeable donations from Guistra around that time
            The evidence, the truth, re-freaking-ality, is available to anyone with the courage to ask questions. Look. See. Or don’t-up to you. But don’t call those of us who simply google “stupid” or “idiots”. “Tea-baggars”? Puuulllleeeaaasssseee. Try progressive, freaking open minded people who’ve done their research. Maybe those who don’t are the stupid ones.
            Once again we don’t agree and from the looks of things we never will. So what? Is that a valid reason for all the anger? The insults? The constant obvious disgust? Call me crazy or a bit old-fashioned (which is possible for this 56 year old bleeding-heart life-long liberal) but my understanding of a true progressive and even, what used to be a Democrat, is someone who is not dictated to by social norms or trends, someone who accepts others who may be different, or even don’t agree with them, someone who believes in fairness, justice and equality for everyone, someone who is open to change, different views and opinions, someone who RESPECTS another’s right to believe as they choose and act or behave in accordance with those beliefs, as long as no one is hurt in doing so. We may disagree in how to achieve our goals but aren’t our goals basically the same nonetheless? So perhaps you should ask yourself what it is YOU truly believe because the way you are sounding, one might argue that you really sound like a Republican.

          • kjg28

            You are 150% correct and spot on about everything you just said in that post

          • Roger Springfield

            Hasn’t that already been proven over and over again?

          • Dale Erickson III

            wasnt made illeagal till after she was out of that position. rice powell , bush used private ones as well. hell bush used the rnc private server

          • Michael

            Using that logic, does that mean that I get to break the law if YOU broke it first?
            For example, if you got a speeding ticket 10 years ago, can I drive as fast as I want with impunity?

          • RLark

            Ridiculous irrelevant analogy.

          • Anon

            You’re an idiot, stop posting.

          • Michael

            How is it ridiculous or irrelevant?
            Dale uses the argument that “Bush did it first” to excuse Obama’s actions.
            I want to know if I can any of Dale’s previous examples of lawless behavior to excuse my current/future lawless behavior.
            It’s a 1:1 analogy.

          • William Carr

            That was obvious. Colin Powell and Condi Rice both used a private email account.

            They weren’t arrested because it wasn’t illegal.

            You are a bit … slow.

          • Rollingmyeyesoutloud

            But if I got a ticket that means I was penalized. Why wouldnt you be?

          • William Carr

            IT. WASN’T. ILLEGAL.

            You can’t be arrested for breaking a law that doesn’t exist !

            God you people are stupid.

          • Topbrick

            Storing all of her correspondence on her own server, not ever using .gov email, is illegal, As SOS all of her State correspondence belongs to the govt. There was none. This was discovered through an FOIA request. Why the hell the WH didn’t know about it from the start is a burning question. She also gave access to people without security clearance. Big problem.

          • Roger Springfield

            Well, that depends who you are don’t you think?

          • ghost79

            It could set a bad precedent for future security matters. How many times will people be able to say “Well.. Clinton did it. And she had a much higher security rating than I do”

          • sanduchi

            Spot on Chase. She has only been able to circumvent this for this long due to her connections.

          • William Carr

            No, she’s been patiently ignoring a false attack.

            The problem is, you can’t TELL when you’re being fooled by a political witchhunt.

          • William Carr

            You aren’t a Democrat. We have an IQ requirement.

            This was not illegal; there was no law against it until two years after she retired.

            The “clearance” part is moot; she didn’t send or ask for classified emails.

            THAT work gets done by telephone and armed Courier.

            The FBI already cleared Hillary Clinton and said they weren’t investigating her… last August.

          • Chase Steffen

            I’m a veteran who has had clearance before, guy.

            She mishandled classified information, but she might get away from it because she’s a Clinton.

          • Chase Steffen

            And you’re absolutely right. Absolutely right! Fuck being a democrat. That party doesn’t seem to want to count votes like mine. It must mean they don’t need them that bad.

            Damn straight. I am absolutely not in that bullshit party.

          • Chase Steffen


          • Topbrick

            How come the FBI is still investigating and planning to interview her staff soon?

          • Justin

            Have you seen a classified email before then? Do they have a big red stamp at the top that says so? No. They don’t. They must be assumed to be classified because you are the SOS communicating sensitive information. Putting it all on an unencrypted private server that only you can access is negligence and a deliberate attempt to hide communication that should be public record. Obviously she has plenty to hide, as the email leak and Panama Papers are showing us. She’s screwed, finally.

          • Justin

            You’re fucking retarded. They use armed couriers and runners to send messages like we’re in ancient Greece? Of course she sent and received classified emails, many of which were inherently sensitive due to her position as Secretary of State. Keep spewing your bullshit though, you just further alienate anyone who may have bit the bullet and voted for her.

          • William Carr

            “No. It’s really obviously SUPER illegal. ”

            Because you’re a Federal Prosecutor with years of experience with the Intelligence Agencies ?

            No ?

            So you’re processing the rumors you’ve heard, which were ALSO based on hearsay and bullshit.

            But the problem is, you take the rumors seriously.

            Were you aware that the ultimate arbiter of what is and isn’t Classified is… the National Security Council, which includes the Secretary of State?

            “In the Executive Branch, the National Security Council—including the president, the vice president, the secretary of state, and the secretary of defense—provides guidance and direction for national foreign intelligence and counterintelligence activities”

            The Secretary of State is the one that ISSUES “clearance”.

            The FBI has already stated that they are NOT investigating Hillary Clinton.

            They are investigating the official server used by the State Department, the one Hillary Clinton didn’t use.

            They are investigating the private server Hillary Clinton turned over to them.

            And they announced there was no sign that server had ever been hacked.

          • Chase Steffen

            Oh. I was just using my experience as a software developer, ex-IT guy veteran with clearance. But keep going with your stuff. Sounds like you are really okay with looking the other way.

          • Christina J

            So does that mean if they find any wrongdoings, they will indict the server? I think everyone would appreciate more revealing and insightful information since you clearly have an inside source. Or, whoa, are you an F.B.I. agent? That would explain how you absolutely know everything about this!

          • Joe H.

            SMH…gumps47 = friggin’ liberal moron…if this POS tells them “the sky is NOT blue” they’ll believe it…it’d be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic

          • John Kelley

            The sky is not blue, just the light reflecting and refracting off the atmosphere from the sun is, if the sky it self were blue it would be blue at night… just figured I’d follow your example of being a dick by pointing out the fallacy of your statment

          • Alice in Wunderland

            I know it’s a hard pill to swallow for someone who is a “true believer” in Hillary (aka “the wicked witch”). But don’t worry, this is not the first time that all the facts were against her and she skated. She’ll do it again.

          • gumps47

            That’s because the “facts” weren’t really facts. They were just right-wing agenda fabrications.

          • Alice in Wunderland

            Of course. That’s right. “Right-wing agenda fabrications.” That must be it. Now settle down.

          • gumps47

            Yes ma’am. At least you didn’t call me a ” friggin’ liberal moron” like the mental midget below.

          • Alice in Wunderland

            I would never call anyone nasty names – when nasty ad hominems start to fly, it’s time to back out of the conversation because rationally has left the field.

            Fencing is much more fun than clubbing, don’t you find?

          • Alice in Wunderland

            I would never call anyone nasty names – when nasty ad hominems start
            to fly, it’s time to back out of the conversation because rationality has
            left the field.

            Fencing is much more fun than clubbing, don’t you find?

          • gumps47

            Absolutely. I appreciate the views of others expressed in a civil manner. Although we rarely change each other’s minds it is fun.

          • Alice in Wunderland

            Agree 100%.

            Plus, they legitimately say that honey catches more flies than vinegar.

            People may actually listen to someone who is polite and respectful of another person’s feelings.

            I know I do – and as long as I’m not blinded by my ideologies, I may shift my views.

            Hey, it could happen!

          • William Carr

            Yeah. But you’d have to actually READ the facts, instead of the Conspiracy Theory webpages.

          • William Carr

            It’s an even harder pill to swallow to realize you’ve been punked.

            Remember, we still have people who deny the Holocaust ever happened, that Obama was born in Kenya, and that 9/11 was a CIA “false flag”.

            If you can look at those fools and not realize you’re just as bamboozled… you must be a Redneck.

          • Alice in Wunderland

            Thanks, Bill, for the attempted character assassination.

            Now for Epistemology 101 –

            First of all, none of us “know” anything except what we personally experience.

            Secondly, all the the rest of the information you receive from the media must be believed or disbelieved. You cannot “know” any of it.

            Thirdly, those three things you mentioned above are items to be believed or not. For an intelligent and unbiased person, such a decision should be based on the relative credibility of the evidence and the associated testimony, and not on who carries the biggest stick, who has the loudest mouth, or who can ridicule and intimidate the best [cue the mainstream media and status quo politics].

            I’m open-minded on all of them, willing to change my mind based on new information, irrespective of fascist attempts to control my thinking. So far, I’m getting away with it.

            Isn’t that terrible?

            According to your “evaluation,” I must be a “Redneck.”

            I’m so ashamed!

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      Sorry, she did nothing wrong. This bs is just too funny.

      • Buffy Boblitt Greenwell

        She just broke the law, that;s all.

        • gumps47

          Using the private server was not illegal. None of the emails were classified at the time she received them or sent them. Her server remained secure and was not hacked. No wrongdoing there.

          • That’s absolutely wrong she is Secretary of state and SOME of the emails were classified the minute SHE wrote the classified emails because some classified information believe it or not originates with the Secretary of State.

          • gumps47

            Incorrect. None of the emails in guestion originated with her. They were all sent to her. I know it’s frustrating for Republicans who have spent so much time and taxpayer money to try to nail Hillary, but it appears there’s no wrongdoing.

          • Chase Steffen

            According to what she says. Are you forgetting she decided like 30,000 of those emails were “personal” so did not disclose them? That is suspicious as hell.

          • De Neice Kenehan

            You might want to do some reading from different sources.

          • Justin

            It was unencrypted for three months and she erased communications that should be public record. How is that not illegal?

        • Dale Erickson III

          funny , not one investigation has proven that she did.

    • William Carr

      People who seriously use the phrase “Clinton crime syndicate” are idiots.

    • kjg28

      I hope so, but her influence is extensive to say the least. People in high places are frightened of the Clintons.

    • JSmoke420

      YOUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED. May your loved ones die an agonizing death from cancer.

      • Josh Cat

        ohhh you win the internetz!

  • Jack Eck

    The Koch’s are going to spend $1 billion, that’s billion with a B, to beat Hillary, she frightens them THAT much.







    • Glen Moseley

      Is this Hillary? No, Then you must be on drugs.

    • Nuget

      Plus Connie Rice and Colin Powell both used private servers. Are they included in this mess

      • sfsoma

        Rice didn’t use email at all. Smart choice.

        • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

          Rice absolutely did use email. What she said was that she didn’t use it as much!

          There was nothing received on her server that was listed as Classified…BTW her server was NEVER hacked said the FBI last Friday. However, the State Department’s server was hacked. Colin Powell said the State Dept’s server was woefully inadequate which is why he liberally used his own aol email account. So did Condoleeza…so did Jeb Bush create their own server, so did Scott Walker, so did Mitt Romney,… should I continue?

      • Walt

        What source have you that Powell and Rice used private servers?

      • Topbrick

        They did not use private servers. They occasionally used private email addresses (do you know the difference?) but most correspondence was on .gov.

    • homebrewer

      Im trying to figure what is true with that statement, but none of it is true, The FBI said that, it is in court documents. It has been reported on by every news organization I can think of. Even my local paper.

      • SkippingDog

        What court documents would those be? Got a link?

    • Keen Edge

      Hillary… is that you?

      • Alice in Wunderland

        LOL!! No, just one of her blinkered sheep or perhaps some shill trying to make ends meet.

    • Stingray_3440

      And at least that to beat the Donald.

    • Stingray_3440

      Sure, and the moon is made of green cheese. Gawd, what a complete FOOL.

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      I’m NOT frightened by the KOCHS! They were even more frightened of candidate and President Obama and he won twice!

    • Nick Smegg

      No emails were marked secret for the simple reason that the Clinton staff retyped the mails from the State Department account into Hillary’s private account and did not include the word secret, cosmic or any other lassification on the texts. That doesn’t stop them from being classified in any way, shape or form.

      Further, the argument that they were only retroactively classified does not hold water. There are many cases of prosecutions succeeding in the case of retroactively classified documents.

    • Buffy Boblitt Greenwell

      That;s why they are offering her aide immunity to talk right?

      • Jack Eck

        that’s not why

    • Zeke

      All absolutely wrong.

      The email content was marked SECRET before it was re-typed into a non-secure system.

      Emails were in fact deleted. Hillary said so.

      The FBI did take her server.

      She is being investigated by the FBI.

      Mishandling classified information is a federal felony.

    • Christina J

      Huh??? What are you smoking?

  • Nuget

    I am from Vermont and have supported Bernie forever, but, stop this . This is not how Bernie runs his race. Keep the nasty negative stuff out of it. What ever happens to the Clinton’s keep the negative stuff out of Bernie’s camp

    • Agreed, and it should work both ways. Those of us who support Hillary should avoid posting garbage about Sanders.

      People, she’s not getting indicted. She doesn’t deserve to be indicted. Move on.

      • KT Kacer

        I’m a Bernie supporter, even so I think this is Bull. The “investigation” is NOT into her actions, but into the PROCESSES and where they need to be adjusted for future SoS.

        • Thank you. It’s nice to see reason at work. 🙂

        • Have any of you watched the video.. I’m sharing a reputable news source and video that pretty much lays it all out on the table and one of the people in that is quoted as saying they expect her to be Indicted in May – can you refute that it does say that in the video which I did NOT create?

          • Alice in Wunderland

            Excellent point, Patrick.

            The pro-Hillary argument seems to boil down to this, when all is said and done:

            “It can’t be true because I don’t believe it.”

            What’s the term? Cognitive dissonance?

        • AtheismRules

          The processes have already been reviewed, and Obama has already signed changes into law.

          That doesnt change the fact that under the extant legislation she may have committed one or more offences.

      • Joe H.

        And you’re just plain stupid if you think she did nothing wrong. What a moron…

        • Never sever on a jury. Wishful thinking is not a reason to convict someone.

          There is not a shred of evidence Hillary did anything wrong. Colin Powell has said he did the same thing. She never knowingly sent classified email. In fact, one later classified was a NY Times story accessible by the public.

          Enjoy your fantasy while you can.

          • Alice in Wunderland

            They never could get Al Capone for any of the huge number of crimes he “allegedly” committed.

            So they got him on “tax evasion” and put him away.

            Hillary has skated several times in the past and she probably will again.

            But maybe not . . . this small oversight might be enough to finally bring the “Clinton Chronicles” to an end.

            But I doubt it – like you, I think she’ll skate yet again.

            You, of course, because “she’s done nothing wrong.”

            Me, because, with the Clintons, the fix is ALWAYS in.

          • Nope, not a fix… justice.

          • Alice in Wunderland

            I think the correct spelling is “just-us,” there, Nelle.

          • Just you, you say?

          • Alice in Wunderland

            “just-them” if we must be pedantic.

    • Nick Smegg

      The desire not to be negative is Bernie’s big weakness. This is a legitimate issue and if the race turns out to Be Trump v Clinton do you think that the Donald won’t bring it up?

      • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

        No it isn’t a legitimate issue; it’s fake, it’s a strawman argument. Many of those who are slinging filth, aren’t true Bernie supporters. Theyr’e rightwing hacks, masquerading as Bernie supporters, to eliminate Hillary but it won’t work.

        • Nick Smegg

          Hillary compromised national security by getting her staff to retype classified material onto a non-secure server, which was open to hacking by all and sundry.

          You should consider the fact that General Petraeus was convicted last year and punished for doing the same sort of thing.

          • Richard

            No it was not exactly the same thing. But it did piss off all the folks in the military .Politics is a strange game. War without the blood. I don’t take credit for saying that but don’t remember who did.

          • Nick Smegg

            The obverse of “war without the blood” is Clausewitz’s dictum that “war is the continuation of politics by other means.”

      • Donald said if Clinton wins he will bring up the emails EVERY day of the race.

        • Super, it’s not as if I didn’t hear about it enough already. I guess it’s just another reason to shoot oneself in the face if it comes down to Hillary vs Trump.

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      Nugent, I agree with you. Unfortunately, I dont’ think this is a Bernie supporer behind this. It reeks of Republican nastiness. They’ve been spending tons of money polluting the internet with this garbage. This site was recently created in the last 60 days for this purpose. I don’t and won’t hold this against Bernie supporters. The rightwing don’t want to run against Hillary. The want to run against Hillary. Last month the Young College Republicans announced a campaign to support Bernie to knock out Hillary; to vote for Bernie in the primaries. They have no intention to support him in the general. It’s all meant to get rid of Hillary. It won’t work thought. Most liberals will support the eventual Democratic nominee.

    • AtheismRules

      This has nothing to do with Bernie – it is a simple question of whether she committed any offences, and if so – what will happen.

    • Alice in Wunderland

      I am from Wisconsin and I don’t know what in the name of all that is holy that Bernie has anything to do with a crime allegedly committed by Hillary Clinton.

      You see, apples are apples. Oranges are oranges.

      Let’s keep them separate.

  • NIce fiction.

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      There was nothing received on her server that was listed as Classified…try again. BTW her server was NEVER hacked said the FBI last Friday. However, the State Department’s server was hacked. Colin Powell said the State Dept’s server was woefully inadequate which is why he liberally used his own aol email account. So did Condoleeza…so did Jeb Bush create their own server, so did Scott Walker, so did Mitt Romney,… should I continue?

      • Witchy Currier

        #bernie2016 . because real women think with thier brains , and not thier (V) S .. no hillary . she is a liar , she is evil and this stuff will catch up with her

    • AtheismRules

      And that will be her defense in court ?

      Somehow I doubt that will convince anyone.

      • She’s not going to court. There will be no charges. She did not a thing wrong… but hey, fantasy is fun, right?

        • Alice in Wunderland

          “Hillary did nothing wrong.” zzz

          “Hillary did nothing wrong.” zzz

          “Hillary did nothing wrong.” zzz

          “Hillary did nothing wrong.” . . .

          . . . keep repeating until until brain fuses into a lump of useless goo

          . . . ’cause if you believe this, you aren’t using it anyway, so no big loss.

          • I guess you are in for disappointment. I actually had to work with facts in past employment, writing legal decisions. What you think convicts her gets you nothing legally, but hey… fantasy is free. Enjoy.

          • Alice in Wunderland

            Thanks, nelle. I’m a lawyer as well.

            Don’t worry about Hillary, though.

            The fix is in.

          • I didn’t say I was an attorney. I’m not. However, there is not a shred of evidence she did something that she can be charged with.

            The right (and some Sanders folks as well) love to hate her. No one has been subject to more attacks in scrutiny over the last 25 years. There has been lots of wasted taxpayer money spent in hopes of finding something… anything wrong. Not a thing found. In the process, people like Gowdy have misrepresented what they have, even twisted the information.

          • Alice in Wunderland

            “not a shred of evidence she did something that she can be charged with.”

            Nice phrasing.

            You might not be an attorney, but it looks like you’ve worked with a few.

            I don’t care about Trump, Sanders (although he’s more moral in my book) or Hillary.

            The reason Hillary gets in trouble is because of what she does – she’s a disaster with two legs.

            Very smart intellectually, but very foolish when it comes to wisdom.

            She is the protege of David Rockefeller, which is why she skates every time – just like her husband Bill.

            Globalist war-mongers – the both of them, just like the GOP candidates.

            The people have no choice if all of the candidates (with the possible exception of Sanders) have the globalist hand up their arses.

          • Ooh, conspiratorial intrigue, always a goodie.

          • Alice in Wunderland

            If the foo sh*ts.

            What word triggered you? I’d be interested to know. Was it globalist? Rockefeller?

          • Alice in Wunderland

            Plus, all of us “smart” people know that people like Hillary never meet in private to discuss criminal activity and how to get away with it.

            Who could ever imagine that public officials would engage in such activities?

            Only a crazy wacko would even THINK that such things were possible.

            Thanks for pointing that out, Nelle, and putting me back on the rational “straight and narrow.”


            That was a close one.

          • Christina J

            I saw a C-span interview with a former U.S. attorney, whose name escapes me atm but is available to view here, online, and he stated ( claiming he had inside sources) that they are using the book “Clinton Cash” in their investigation. Btw I’m currently reading it and highly recommend. I’m no attorney but I possess common sense and it seems the problem all those mean ole, tax-payer money wasting Republicans have had is actual, irrefutable proof regarding what is, for anyone paying attention, the appearance of countless bribery. They would have to have a recording of a conversation, an email (30,000 deleted anyone?) that clearly stated I, Bill or Hillary Clinton, promise to do favor “x” in exchange for a nice, fat “contribution”. The Clintons aren’t stupid, of course, so these things are done behind closed doors with those, who witness the dirty deeds, unable to “spill the beans” for they, themselves, would then be implicated. I’m in complete agreement with those who complain about the waste of tax dollars thus far spent on their fruitless endeavours, not because there’s nothing there but because they are so seemingly incompetent! Or maybe the Clintons are just that good at covering their tracks? Either way, I’d very much like to see them both (Chelsea and her hedge fund husband as well?) brought to justice already. How long do we have to watch the wealthy and powerful commit egregious offenses right in front of our eyes and get away with it while how many sit in prison because of freaking weed?! Enough is enough!

          • Justin

            Yeah the FBI is investigating and building a case just for fun. But how dare we question your authority because you had a job once that required evidence. You are obviously the expert here.

  • sfsoma

    The simple reason she set up the private server was to avoid the Freedom of Information Act. This is a widespread behavior in all levels of American government. They do it all the time and the higher the position the more likely they are to do it.

  • Garrett Patterson

    Have to call Bovine Excrement.

    DOJ employees will mysteriously turn up dead before HRC faces any form of justice.

    • Richard

      Perhaps you’re dead. That’s why you can’t post a picture of yourself. Or maybe you could but then you would have to kill anyone who saw it. Top secretions”.

      • Reverend Wingnut

        And your picture is where?

    • Christina J

      All “suicides” no doubt.

  • Doug Sterling

    Be serious, Patrick. The Obama “Justice” department won’t indict Hillary Clinton for anything. The USA made a major mistake back in 1999 when we got rid of the independent prosecutor statute.

    • SkippingDog

      The Republicans didn’t like the independent prosecutor anymore when they saw how easily they has misused it on Clinton. Bush and Cheney would have never survived an independent prosecutor.

      • Doug Sterling

        Bush prosecuted Cheney’s best friend, Scooter Libby, and refused to pardon him before leaving office. Bush was incompetent but relatively honest.

        • SkippingDog

          Libby was prosecuted for perjury, lying to federal officers, and obstruction of justice. Bush still commuted his sentence. It’s always the perjury and lying to federal officers that people trip over, hardly ever the underlying claim.

        • Alice in Wunderland

          I was with you up until “relatively honest.”

          Relative to who?

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      There was nothing received on her server that was listed as Classified…try again. BTW her server was NEVER hacked said the FBI last Friday. However, the State Department’s server was hacked. Colin Powell said the State Dept’s server was woefully inadequate which is why he liberally used his own aol email account. So did Condoleeza…so did Jeb Bush create their own server, so did Scott Walker, so did Mitt Romney,… should I continue?

      • Stephanie

        Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi, do you think if you keep copying and pasting this drivel into every single response, that you are accomplishing anything?!? Wow.

    • Richard

      Like the one that tried to get Bil Clinton out of the White House? Seems okay to waist American tax payer money on al this BS but can’t seem to find the money to help the people that really need it.

    • Alice in Wunderland

      Good point, Doug.

      And the more time passes, the less likely anything will be done.

      Business as usual?

  • Wild Bill Kinda

    I’m betting she’ll take a plea deal to avoid indictment, just like her husband Bill had to.

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      She hasn’t committed a crime, this is all garbage post. She won’t be indicted, she won’t be deposed. Her server wasn’t hacked; yet the State Department’s server was hacked!! That’s from the FBI statement on Friday. Her server was more secure buddy! There were no emails on her server that were considered classified at the time. Heck, even Colin Powell said when he got to the State Dept, the server was so under par that he put a load of money bringing it up; but still used his AOL account liberally.

      Rice absolutely did use email. What she said was that she didn’t use it as liberally .

      There was nothing received on her server that was listed as Classified…BTW her server was NEVER hacked said the FBI last Friday. However, the State Department’s server was hacked. Colin Powell said the State Dept’s server was woefully inadequate which is why he liberally used his own aol email account. So did Condoleeza…so did Jeb Bush create their own server, so did Scott Walker, so did Mitt Romney,… should I continue?

      • Wild Bill Kinda

        I’m sure that immunity deal for her former IT tech, (you know, the one who plead the fifth amendment), who set up her server is nothing right?

  • Andrew Love

    As to people thinking he can’t beat Trump. Trump has about half of the republican support. Republicans make up only 23% of registered voters. That’s around 12% of voters. Sanders has a lot of democratic support and most independents. Democrats are 34% of voters. Independents are 43% of voters. So yes he can beat Trump easily.

  • Herb

    Just imagine what we don’t know . Thats what is really scary.

  • Dan Grossnickle

    Hillary Clinton has stated that being president is about “Hard Choices”. She’s right…but most of her “Hard Choices”, by her own admission, have been wrong.

    Hillary was opposed Gay marriage as late as 2013. She has since “evolved” on the issue. Bernie, in 1985, as Mayor of Burlington set aside a day to be known as “Gay Pride Day.”

    She aggressively promoted Fracking while she was Secretary of State. She supported the Keystone XL Pipeline until the polls indicated she needed to change her position. She pushed for TPP and referred to it as ”The Gold Standard” many times. Bernie Sanders has always opposed all of the above.

    She is supports the death penalty and private, for-profit, prisons. She is against Free College Education.

    Hillary has received millions from Wall Street. Hillary’s top contributors: Morgan Stanley $636,564, Lehman Brothers $362,853, JP Morgan Chase $696,456, Goldman Sachs $760,740, Credit Suisse $318,120, Citigroup $824,402. Bernie’s top donors are labor unions, teacher unions, and nursing unions and has received over four million individual contributions averaging $28.

    Hillary was a supporter of the Iraq War. She has since said that choice was wrong. Bernie had the foresight and good judgement to oppose the war, repeatedly called out Bush for his deliberate misinformation and accurately predicted the catastrophic outcome. He has stated that he will, absolutely, defend the United States but that war should always be the last option.

    Hillary is against bringing back Glass Steagall Act, the repeal of which contributed to the greatest recession since 1929. Bernie wants to bring back this essential legislation.

    Hillary participated in Republican campaigns for years. Bernie has always been an independent and has always caucused with Democrats.

    Bernie Sanders marched with Martin Luther King Jr. and was arrested for protesting segregation. Hillary Clinton campaigned for Barry Goldwater, who opposed the Supreme Court’s power to enforce school integration, voted in the Senate against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and whose campaign platform included his promise to repeal the legislation. The Clintons also celebrated “Confederate Flag Day” every year when Bill was governor of Arkansas.

    Hillary is against a $15 minimum wage. Ever since he became a United States Senator, Bernie has made it one of his top goals to get workers a $15 minimum wage.

    Hillary wants to “loosen” marijuana penalties. Bernie wants to completely abolish the federal prohibition of marijuana.

    Bernie’s health care plan is predicted to save each American $1200 a year plus in insurance and pharmaceutical drugs costs. Hillary opposes single payer healthcare and has received millions of dollars in contributions from pharmaceutical and health insurance companies.

    Bernie received the highest VFW award in his fight for veterans’ rights and services. Hillary Clinton has a documented history of being a warmongering hawk and as president would pursue the failed policy of endless war.

    Bernie has over 30 years of experience fighting for working Americans and is an honest and authentic candidate. Hillary…not so much.

    When you are President you don’t get a second chance. Fatal decisions send young American soldiers to war and often, disastrously, effect the course of events and destabilize the world.

    Ours is not a “Hard Choice” at all. We have Bernie Sanders – the leader who has made the right choices throughout his career. The choice is between a corporate sponsored and controlled candidate who will say and do anything that she believes will get her elected and an honest, compassionate and highly ethical man of consistent, unassailable integrity.

    Bernie has fought for the Middle Class, Labor, Women, Gay People, Civil Rights and Veterans his entire political career. He has demonstrated a profound, consistent and rare moral conviction to do what is right by the people he represents rather than corporations.

    No super PACs, no secret donors writing checks for tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, no private jets…just a sincere conviction to do what is right for the American people and the world.

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      Yadda yadda yadda ….yawn!!!

    • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

      I went to FollowTheMoney dot org. They show a different reality. Every single candidate shows getting donations from every single industry! The idiocy is not knowing the breakdown, then it makes you look hypocritical. When individuals donate, they have to list their employer and industry. The total shown, only shows the total of all the donations. If Bernie’s 10,000 NY donors each donating only $30 and most of city work in the banking industry; the report shows that $300,000 was donated to him from Wall Street. Unless you know how donations are reported, your statement is complete horse-shyt! Go to Follow The Money .org and look at where all the donors get their donations from anything less is garbage.

  • Sharon Equality-Now Johnson Mi

    This is laughable! Absolute garbage! This site was created for the sole purpose of vomiting garbage. Here are the facts: As of Friday, it was reported that there was breach, ZERO, ZILCH NADA hacking of the Hillary Clinton server. On the other hand, the State Department’s Server was hacked and had to be shut down to revamp their security. Additionally, there was nothing found on her server that was sent as classified documents. You’re really trying hard. I wonder why the rightwing want to see Bernie Sanders win? SCARED TO RUN AGAINST HILLARY!!!

  • John M Moros

    you dumb fucks all fall into the conservatard drivel…..dont believe this nonsenmse…..what a bunch of retards

    • Reverend Wingnut

      *You *Nonsense. You’re welcome…

  • Richard

    I am not even going to read this and can guess where it has been penned. ( no Pun).

  • Walt

    All the polls show Sanders beating any of the GOP candidates by wider margins than HRC does. Minimum security sounds about right for her.

  • Joseph Spear

    Two words: General Petraeus
    Nothing will happen, but not because she’s not guilty.
    It will be an interesting presidential race, with both Trump & HRC involved in high profile court cases. Both of them could very well have to testify. Glad the voting public is finally showing their dissatisfaction with the status quo. Oh wait… God bless America.

  • Kathy Kelly

    This entire investigation is total political hatchetry by the GOP paid for by you and me. It would be mind boggling to add up all of the tax dollars used to investigate her over the past 30 years. Whitewater alone was $100 milion, and amounted to nothing.

    • zuzum

      The investigation is being done by the FBI not GOP. Wake up.

    • Reverend Wingnut

      Money well spent…

    • Alice in Wunderland

      Didn’t you read what “AtheismRules” wrote above?

      Why this blind belief? Do you work for her? Or are you one of those (shudder) “true believers” who has mistaken politics for religion, and Hillary for the messiah?

      “And if she DARES to say that the timing is politically motivated – it was HER ALONE , by :
      a) Using her own private email contrary to departmental recommendations, and
      b) refusing to release the emails, that delayed the investigation for
      nearly four years (by requiring TEN FOI requests, FOUR Lawsuits, THREE
      Subpoenas, and ONE order from a Federal Judge threatening a Perjury
      charge – to which she responded “I fully co-operated” ) !!

      Had she released them when asked – this would be history now – she would
      either be in prison – or have one less scandal to worry about.”

    • Christina J

      Forgive my memory if I get this wrong, (f*** there’s a LOT to remember) but didn’t the woman who approved those loans go to prison only to later be pardoned by ole Slick Willie himself? It was also my understanding that many elderly folks lost their life savings in that whole shady deal and what did they say was their reason for investing? That they thought they could trust Bill. I read missing just one payment resulted in them losing both the land and any money previously invested. I’m sure, though, that was just the GOP wasting tax dollars, hiring actors and making pretend statements.

  • zuzum

    Question. Anyone sending an email to Hillary’S private server would not be addressing to .GOV correct?

  • SHowbiz

    Sure, there actually has been another one elected during high controversy. Specifically in 1995, DNC, and the Clintons, were accused of taking donations from Chinese. AT THE TIME, it was a huge scandal.

    So there was another one, just happened to be her husband. For BIll, it worked out fine because at the time, he was a very well liked president. Hillary? hahahah, liked is not exactly a word most people use to describe her, versus, say, untrustworthy. Think, just for a second, of all the donations she gets now. The bar was set WAY back in 1995, when they managed to bury that donor problem. Since then, once they made that not an issue that would affect them, it was full steam ahead on any and all donations they could lay their hands on.

  • steve

    What a load of poorly sourced, manipulative, clickbait crap. And no, I’m not voting for her. I just hate this kind of sensational, shoddy BS masquerading as reporting. Bernie would never stoop this low. You do him no favors but posting such crap.

  • I’m not a pro Clinton person but this is a very unreliable news source. The videos are very poorly put together (They look as if someone used a video camera to record off television) There is no transparency as to who the sources are. As far as we know this is some right wing jerkoff trying to smear democrats.

  • Chase Steffen

    She’s just trying to make it to the presidency, so she can pardon herself, safe and sound. She shouldn’t be running. It’s immoral in her situation.

  • Judge Dr3dd

    If she was going to face charges it would have already happened. The Criminal Justice system does not apply to people like the Clintons. When was the last time a high ranking Government Official did jail time in America?

  • George

    If she gets any time (highly doubtful) it will be in the courts for a quite a while and be an anchor on her campaign. That said, if she gets in too deep, be guaranteed that Biden will jump in. There are already rumors about that this week while he is in the Middle East talking with leaders.


    Wishful thinking on the indictment. Loretta Lynch is a Boule puppet and James Comey is a 33 degree Freemason. FAT CHANCE of seeing “THE ROBOT” going to prison……Wishful thinking

  • AtheismRules

    And if she DARES to say that the timing is politically motivated – it was HER ALONE , by :
    a) Using her own private email contrary to departmental recommendations, and
    b) refusing to release the emails, that delayed the investigation for nearly four years (by requiring TEN FOI requests, FOUR Lawsuits, THREE Subpoenas, and ONE order from a Federal Judge thretaening a Perjury charge – to which she responded “I fully co-operated” ) !!

    Had she released them when asked – thiis would be history now – she would either be in prison – or have one less scandal to worry about.

  • Ted B

    By keeping communications on a private server they are no longer public record. There is no smoking gun, no trails to follow. That is why Cuomo 2 is doing the same in New York State where we have the best and most corrupt government that money can buy.

  • Alice in Wunderland

    What people don’t seem to realize is this:

    The Clintons don’t go to jail.

    They just don’t.

    They skate.

    Every time.

    No matter what they do.

    As the Mob would say, “they’re connected.”

    And the PTB has given the nod to Hillary.

    Highly likely that they will make sure she gets in – globalist warmongers fit their bill.

  • bogart

    What a STUPID peice.

  • Too busy to play


  • Dolores Stribling

    I was shock while reading this information. First, you are a left wing extremist. Second, I do not support anything you select as new worthily. Third, our party support whoever becomes the nomination. Fourth, I am Bernie support and I am pretty sure he doesn’t support these type of smear campaigns. Attack the Republican and stay away from friendly fire.

    • Alice in Wunderland

      Party politics suck, don’t they?

      “Our party?”

      Haven’t you been paying attention to what’s going on?

      After what has become publicly acknowledged about the Dems, I’d be embarrassed to say I would “support” what the DP “chooses.”

      Perhaps it’s time to abandon the dying, corrupt machine and to start thinking for oneself.

  • Craig Long

    I heard they were going to put her in a cell between Big Foot and the Unicorn down the hall from the tooth fairy🙄

  • Patti Wright

    Why do people get sucked in by them?

  • Kevin Ryan Duncil

    Here is something to consider. Whether or not she is indicted, if she wins the DNC nomination, the RNC will launch a full scale attack against her using everything they can possibly get their hands on, these issues are chinks, not only in her armor, but in the armor of the Democratic presidential candidate for president,should that be her, increasing the chances of a Republican taking the whitehouse. We need to be nominating our very best, most trustworthy, least assailable, most bulletproof candidate that we have, and that candidate is Bernie Sanders.

    • Justin

      But $hillary has more popular votes and there’s no evidence of DNC voter suppression or election fraud. Why isn’t it her turn to be president? Obama promised!

  • bebeancla

    Obama and Cliton are kkkunts!

  • Robert Adams

    Just to clarify everybody. The legal issue is classification of information and that is how the argument will be made from a legal perspective, but the outrage should center on why she needed a private server, the types of communication and transactions she was likely trying to shield from public scrutiny. Why her foundation has received what must likely be 10’s of millions of dollars from foreign dictatorships and her secret weapons deals to foreign countries….likely all conducted through her secretly installed private server/router.

  • Jan Bammel

    Sanders can beat Trump. In fact, I predict the American people will vote for whoever is running against him. He is too offensive to anyone except the reactionaries. We have to make sure that it is Bernie who runs against him.

  • Mike Oconnell

    2 and 1 all she deserves

  • OrCoastTheo

    “According to the video………” What BS. I’m a Bernie supporter but this is fact less and comical.

  • jcam

    It would be nice, but the Obama Justice Dept. is too corrupt and political. And I don’t trust Chuck Schumer’s boy James Comey even if he is a “Republican.”

  • cherykie

    Considering what was done to Patraeus , she should be tarred, feathered, strung up and hanged. None of this ” misdemeanor” BS…

  • Tony Mitchell

    Now we’re expecting our president to be proficient at email protocols and security even though all that stuff was setup for him? The president is supposed to know the secure protocol of the white houses email server. Saying that how can the president not know he sending emails over a non secure network is beyond reaching. When you send your emails, do you know the level of security? The email was setup for the president and its supposed to be secure. How the hell is the president going to know if it isn’t?

  • Quickthinker

    Hillary set up that server to avoid what is going on right now… Ha ha ha

  • William Carr

    You are DEEPLY stupid.

    This is just “Tribal” warfare. The Republicans attack Hillary Clinton because she can beat them… the BernieBots attack Hillary Clinton because she IS beating them.

    How do people as deeply ignorant as you are even tie their shoes?

    1) there was no law against having a private server before 2014.

    In fact, the State Department had specific rules on how to set one up.

    2) Secretary Clinton didn’t allow Classified matters to be sent via email. She required that those be sent via Courier… you know, the guy with a briefcase handcuffed to his wrist?

    She didn’t even have a computer in her office !

    3) the Server was set up by the State Department IT guy.

    4) the FBI announced they aren’t investigating Hillary Clinton.

    5) The emails on the Server have been checked; none were Classified when sent.

    Some were considered “Confidential” and a few were Classified after the fact.

    6) the ONLY reason Hillary Clinton had to set up her own email system is that the Bush-hired NSA chief refused to issue her a secured “Blackberry”.

    Funny thing about that… he gave Condi Rice one.


    The reason you poor, gullible fools believe this, is you want Bernie Sanders as President… and he’s losing.

    You’re weak-minded enough to seize on a Tea Bagger fake scandal, in the vain hope that the front-runner will have to drop out.

    You’re an embarrassment.

  • Still Berning

    FB has banned me from posting this…lol wonder why??? Pass it on and you’ll get some nice security pics of Tigers and Flowers and Watches. Let me know when ya do 😀

  • Belladonnacotton

    I pray this is true. And a felon can not run for president. You out of here Killery Cunton oh sorry spell correct. Even the computer knows her true measure.

  • Hillary Clinton’s private email server is not just a classified information problem. Every single email she sent or received in her capacity as Secretary of State are official communications of a public office and therefore US government property. In order that citizens and historians have access to the official correspondence of government officials, there is a law preventing the theft or destruction of such records. That is necessary to the transparency and accountability on which representative government depends. Ms. Clinton clearly violated that law in a massive, systemic way.

    Keeping official correspondence on a private email server, and subsequent deletion of some of them, are all theft or destruction of US government records. As far as I can tell, the last time this law was amended was 1990 so it was in force when Ms. Clinton kept official US government business on a private email server.

    And notice the punishment is not just a fine and/or imprisonment but also “shall…be disqualified from holding any office under the United States.”

    (18 U.S.C. § 2071)

    (a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    (b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term “office” does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

  • Teatards and Bernie Brats will believe anything…….. 8|

  • Roger Springfield

    The chances of Hillary going to jail are less than being eaten by a Siberian tiger the day you win the lottery. Get real.

  • Annie Palmer


    “Some people ignoring polls say that Sanders can’t beat Trump. Let me ask you this – please list one former President of the United States that won while serving jail time.”

  • Pat Engness

    I’m sick of the Clintons “Can’t Touch This” attitude for Forty Years! Still going on right now in the Caucuses/Primaries. If they finally Get her on this, it will be like getting Al Capone for tax Evasion instead of Murder!

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  • Marsha Rupe

    Funny how Bernie tried to say he was above the fray, but this is dirty politics on his part. He’s no different than any of the other white male politicians. Hillary will not be indicted. The e-mail business is a load of fertilizer.

    • Topbrick

      How the heck can you drag Bernie into this? “dirty politics on his part”? He let her off the hook!

  • Pamela Hunter

    What the heck could they be waiting for?

  • swetepi

    He better have secret service protection

  • Theroux721

    Trump has 2 criminals running against him and he’s supposed to lose hahaha. GG libbies, there’s no hope now.

    • Lee

      Hows that early May indictment going? Bahaha

      • Theroux721

        We would expect a mongoloid like you to take this article seriously.

  • Daniel Carey

    And yet – Colin Powell, W, and Cheney all did the same thing… and nary a peep from you folks? Cheney PURGED over 3 million Emails before leaving office. Permanently erased, irretrievable. No concerns? Really????

  • Sve Law

    I keep seeing the same thing asked, “If Clinton commited a crime, why isn’t she in jail?” I ask the same question about why Robert H. Richards IV never saw the inside of jail cell for raping his own infant daughter. It’s because the justice system is broken, and if you have money and an important name, you can buy your way out of anything.

  • Alice Gordon

    I wish it were true but I think this is nonsense.

  • Fred L Anthony

    only 1 to 10 for A FELONY?? what she did was treasonous not a felony she should get life with no parole IMO

    • Lee


  • philhu

    The home server was so she could look at and segregate the emails to her from heads of state as state dept secy and the same people sending her money to her foundation

    If she had used a state dept acct, and one of her ‘buddies’ that were paying the foundation off accidently sent an email to her state acct, it would be saved, stored and avaiable for FOIA requests.

    She did it so NONE of them would be available.

  • Angl0sax0nknight .

    That corrupt parasitic lying cunt deserves to be hog tied and dropped in a hole that has no bottom!!

  • Danuis

    It’s May 15th. It’s middle may. Where is it?

    The reality is, we cannot hinge on miracles or black swans to save Bernie. Only the people can save Bernie…let’s not hope some foreign force comes into play and wipes out Clinton for him; it’ll be nice, but we must struggle onwards.

  • samfried

    The charges will go farther than the emails:

    Hillary has never had a real job. She doesn’t care about anyone
    but herself. Her only goals are to attain political power and to use that power to amass a fortune. As Secretary of State she had her husband travel to approximately 28 foreign countries and make speeches to corporations and business leaders for exorbitant amounts of money.
    For example, one Swedish company, Erickson Corp. (manufacturer of surveillance equipment) paid Bill Clinton $750,000 for a speech. When the sale of surveillance equipment to foreign nations was banned, Erickson Corp. was still allowed to sell their equipment. Doesn’t this wreak of Payola for Political Favoritism ? Also, leaders of Persian nations donated $100’s of millions to “The “Clinton Foundation”. Only 10% of that money was used for charitable purposes. While Hillary was Secretary of State, six billion dollars went missing from the State Department. Today the Clintons’ are worth $114,000,000. Remember Hillary saying they were Dead Broke when they left the White House? Oh, by the way, when Hillary left the White House, she stole $200,000 worth of furniture.

  • samfried

    Hillary’s facial expressions and the tone of her voice, depict the vile, heartless, and self-centered in-human being she IS. Hillary is only for Hillary If as Secretary of State (SOS), Hillary could not handle the demands of that position ( e.g. answering the phone and using a private server), how can she handle the Office of the Presidency ? The only thing she accomplished as SOS was using Bill to make 28 speeches to foreign companies and business leaders for fees amounting to million of dollars channeled into the Clinton Foundation in return for political favors.

  • samfried

    Hillary’s facial expressions and the tone of her voice, depict the vile, heartless, and self-centered in-human being she IS. Hillary is only for Hillary. If as Secretary of State (SOS), Hillary could not handle the demands of that position ( e.g. answering the phone and using the server) how could she handle the position of President of the US ?. The only thing she accomplished as SOS was to send Bill to 28 foreign countries to make speeches to business leaders for exorbitant fees.. These fees amounted to over several million dollars channeled into “The Clinton Foundation”. As of 2016, the net worth of the Clintons’ is $111 million dollars. Remember Hillary said they were dead broke when they left the White House?