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Democratic Establishment Preparing to Cut Ties With Hillary Clinton


That headline up there, I know it’s a pretty damn bold statement. But there are some extremely large developments going down this week, that just cannot be glossed over.

First: Ex-Clinton Staffer Who Setup Email Servers Granted Immunity by Department of Justice

First and probably biggest is that Clinton’s staffer who installed the email server that has caused her so much trouble, has now cut a deal with the Department of Justice and been granted immunity. Never have I ever heard (nor had Joe Scarborough from Morning Joe) of a case where someone was granted immunity to clear someone’s name, or to help people NOT be prosecuted. Someone is going down, whether it’s Clinton, or one of her aides (even though Clinton said she took full responsibility, she may back-peddle from that before it’s all over).

Here are two videos from two of the more conservative shows on MSNBC which has been very biased and PRO-Clinton from the start that pretty much turn full 180 on how they have been talking about the former Secretary of State.


“When this news broke last night in the Washington Post it was very clear that you don’t grant immunity because you’re curious about the process of how an email server is setup and how classified information is passed along. The FBI is now drilling down deeply, they want to know who had access to classified information, and if they find people had access to classified information and passed it over an unclassified email account, then they’re possibly going to be charging people, you know why? Because they have to…” – Joe Scarborough

Second: Nancy Pelosi is calling the “Super Delegate” system flawed, and could be distancing herself from Clinton as a result.

The media has been lately painting the inaccurate portrait that Clinton has this election locked because of the Super Delegates. Hillary had the 2008 locked as well, till Obama started gaining popularity and the Super Delegates ditched the loser for the winner, and we all know how that turned out.

Nancy Pelosi is beginning to realize that staying tied to the establishment will not get her re-elected and she may be about to switch gears to the Sanders camp. There was a time when she used to be for a Single payer healthcare plan nearly a decade ago.

In a statement she said:

I’m not a believer in the sway of superdelegates deciding who is going to be the nominee,” Pelosi told reporters in the Capitol. “I think we have a democratic process where people vote on both sides of the aisle … and that that should determine who the nominee is.

Diana Price over at The Inquisitr is saying that this is probably “the biggest bombshell of the campaign“, and hardly nobody is talking about it.

Whether you love or hate Nancy Pelosi she knows how to play politics (aka the Game of Thrones). On the one hand if you know what’s good for you and do not go against team Clinton.  On the other hand there comes a point when everyone starts fleeing from a sinking ship. To be one of the most establishment and high ranking democrats and come out opposed to Hillary Clinton is not a very popular thing to do. Going against the party’s favorite can be very dangerous to a career politician, as Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard are well aware.

The fact is Nancy has been in Clinton’s corner for quite awhile, but at the end of the day Nancy looks out for Nancy. Nancy Pelosi knows a lot more about the goings on within Washington than most everyone else, and would probably be one of the first to realize when the end is near for the Clinton campaign. That Pelosi is advocating for changes in the Democratic Primary system that would hurt Clinton’s chance at the nomination says a lot about the state of this race. Perhaps she’s afraid that Preston Picus may actually beat her if she doesn’t distance herself from the Neoliberal wing of the party.

It’s also not just a coincidence that this lines up the same week that Tulsi Gabbard resigned as the co-chair as the DNC (which is WAY bigger than the media is letting on), or the same week that 100,000+ people have signed a petition to press criminal charges against Bill Clinton for electioneering and possibly going against the Americans Disability Act by blocking access to polls for those who are disabled.

Something huge is about to hit the fan and Pelosi can see it and is preparing for the worst. The real delegate count currently stands at: 577 for Clinton to 394 for Bernie Sanders with 35 states left to go and most of Hillary’s biggest shoe-in southern states already out of the way.

Third: Tulsi Gabbard and Why Her Endorsement Means so Much

I touched on this briefly above, but Tulsi Gabbard’s endorsement may be more important than Elizabeth Warren’s ever could. Elizabeth Warren already endorses Bernie, we all know it, even though she hasn’t done so officially. The fact that the establishment and DWS is fighting against her, and the fact that her talking points sound like they were written by Bernie himself. For political and personal reasons she’s chosen to stay quiet though, and we should respect that and not attack her.

Gabbard on the other hand is a rising start. One of the youngest women elected to the house of representatives, and a veteran with real foreign policy experience. She singled out foreign policy as the main reason for supporting Bernie Sanders, by saying that we need a president who’s not going to lead us into more failed wars set on regime change.

Warren could endorse Bernie, and they would both be beating the same message about Wall Street and money in politics, but Tulsi Gabbard opens up more dialogue about what it really means to be a tempered leader on foreign policy.

If you had to ask me, Tulsi just became the top pick to be Bernie Sanders’ running mate in the general election, and would probably add about 3-4 points of electability beyond the current polling. Face it Bernie Sanders is already the only candidate that can beat all the Republican candidates, with Tulsi as his running mate it’s done deal.

Finally: Hillary just Keeps Giving Americans Reasons to Dislike Her

Campaigning is expensive especially if you want to win. Sometimes you need to make bets as to whether it’s more important to have principles or to raise money no matter what it takes. Bernie Sanders we know raises the majority from his hordes of followers. Hillary Clinton has to stop her campaign and go hold elite corporate fundraisers. Like the one where Ashley Williams and a friend paid $500 to get into the event and staged a peaceful protest asking for answers as to what she meant by “Super Predators. Or the one coming that is co-hosted by Goldman Sachs, and NRA lobbyists.

Hillary Clinton has asserted time and again that she’s not beholden to her corporate donors, yet her actions speak louder than words. The top 1% are for the TPP which not only would drive American jobs away, but would also make it so that American companies would be more powerful than countries (even our own) in trade deals. Hillary Clinton played important roles in negotiating and arranging the TPP. If you don’t think the Clinton’s would endorse a trade deal that would drive jobs to China and put more people on poverty and welfare then you’ve probably never heard of NAFTA.

Ask anyone in Detroit what NAFTA is and you will get a seething tirade on how it drove out one-third of Michigan’s manufacturing jobs in the past 15 years alone. Michiganites can tell you it caused the loss of over 43,000 jobs.

According to Bernie Sanders:

From the first days I was in Congress … I understood that NAFTA and other trade policies were being written by corporate America for one reason… And that is that corporate America made the decision that they didn’t want to pay workers in this country a living wage … What they wanted to so was shut down plants in America, go to Mexico, go to China … and then bring their products back into America.

The TPP is a trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim countries signed by political leaders including Barack Obama, after seven years of negotiations.

Hillary keeps saying she’s opposed to the TPP or Trans-pacific Partnership yet here’s at least 24 times that Hillary Clinton championed for the TPP as Secretary of State:

I’ll leave you with one more little tidbit. Bernie Sanders raised nearly 13 Million Dollars more than Hillary Clinton in the month of February. The majority of his donations come from millions of everyday workers, many who have been laid off and don’t have much money to give are still supporting him. This says loads about his electability, and the power he has to bring people to the polls.

The fact also remains that #BernieOrBust is a real thing, those who’ve pledged not to vote Hillary no matter what are stubborn as a mule, and won’t budge. For many this election cycle is about average American democrats taking a stand against the corporate owned senators and representatives that take bribes from moneyed interests in Washington. This is a fight for the heart of our own party. We who subscribe to #BernieORBust feel that if Trump were to win, and enough establishment democrats were to lose their spot in Washington it would send a huge message that Neoliberalism is out and FDR style Egalitarianism is back in.

The largest group of #BernieOrBust voters have decided that the day after they vote in their primary to go green as a protest and join the Green Party which aligns with many of Bernie Sanders issues. The thought is that if they can get 5 Million people to take their names off the roll of the DNC it could cause an uproar from the party establishment.  It will also definitely help the Green party gain some momentum and growth which is good because if we can’t change the Democratic party from within, then the only other option is to do it from without by joining a new more progressive party.


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  • Cleavlnd Groves

    If you want to see how reputable and how trustworthy a site is, look to see if it has a comments section.

    • kidcat24

      And if it does, you feel it’s reputable?

      • Cleavlnd Groves

        I feel it is more reputable, as it allows users to question the article’s authenticity and make points that would disprove it, if it applied. However, that doesn’t mean the article is more true- It just means that they are more confident in the content of it and, therefore, more likely to put more work into the article’s research.

    • Dinadius

      Correct! Unlike NY times. Basically the days of forcing opinions and editorials down people’s throats are over aka, the days of top-down or trickle-down news and journalism are over.

  • Dottie Averbach

    The sensational headline makes this impossible share on my wall….many people never get past it and will take it as fact. If this were clearly identified as an editorial or “signs the Democratic Party is distancing itself…” But right now it’s more like the fake article that Warren endorsed Sanders.

    • David L. Allison

      Just place a question mark under the headline and it would be a fine lead to the article.
      I will not go green after the primary but, if Clinton is selected, I will become an independent voter. DWS/Schumer and the DNC have been too much for me. The Colorado superdelegates making a point, like Senator Leahy, that they will ignore the votes of the people have reinforced my decision.

      • emmeeadora

        I’ll return to the Green Party after the primary if she’s the nominee. Truth is, I’m to Bernie’s left. I can’t keep moving right.

        • Ibie Hepburn

          Yep, me, too. I am to the left of Bernie.

          • EddieGin12

            Frack-you libtard rain-bow waving freak, moron to boot.

        • Recycled News

          Trumps thanks you.

          • I’ll thank Trump if Hillary is the nom and he wins..because he’s the lesser evil in this argument, at least he’s not owned by the corporations.

          • I support Bernie, but Trump ‘is’ a corporation, and I think it’s naive to think he’s not such an opportunist that he blows to the highest bidder (the Kochs). Isn’t it odd how none of them assault him? They may both be Koch employees, but Trump is an idiot. Prone to rash unthought out decisions purely based on what comes out of his mouth. Might be intertainment for some, but the results is open violence on people of color, and the KKK and Neo-Nazis of the ignorant, Fascist, white-supremacy majority of white folks, has followed him. And they insist now that he’s denied them, that they are still indorsing him. Beyond that, he shows virtually ‘no’ knowledge of ‘any’ of the issues other than a deal he’s interested in making with one of the foreign countries he desires cheap labor from – like his hats “Make America White Again” and most of his products, are made in China. He desires flat tax that cuts taxes for the rich, while increasing them for the poor when public commodities and prices are so high only they can pay. I’ll bet he invests in prisons, oil, coal, etc. Anything for a buck, just like his father.

          • Angl0sax0nknight .

            Yet you can name NOT ONE speech or gathering where he has been “racist”

            See the word “racist” has been used SO MUCH no one listens to it anymore. The fact is those that tell “racist” “Bigot” “homophobe” have no abilty to argue for their beliefs!! The real truth is these people are the true racists. They hate Whites and western society!!

        • Stick around a minute. There are some progressives challenging establishment Dems in the local primaries (Wsserman Schultz district, for example).
          I don’t think the work is finished here just yet.

          • We’ll all keep working on dems worth the effort in the party even as greens/independents but leaving the party is to send a message to the establishment that we won’t keep following blindly.

        • Angl0sax0nknight .

          If Bernie is a socialist what is left of that? Ahh yes COMMUNIST!!

      • I still can’t get over Howard Dean’s statement that He’s not elected so doesn’t represent the people… Pretty sure the honor of being a SD makes him a rep. of the people.

    • Eric Cheung

      The best thing to do then is to share each source individually. I just shared the Pelosi video, for example.

      • I wouldn’t put too much stock in the Pelosi example.
        My theory is she feels safe saying that because her kind think Hillary will win the primaries without them…so they’ll never be called on it.
        Major Gabbard’s story is interesting, although I like her clear and authoritative presentation of foreign policy positions more than I am intrigued by her DNC soap opera.

  • The Pool Man

    “If you had to ask me, Tulsi just became the top pick to be Bernie
    Sanders’ running mate in the general election, and would probably add
    about 3-4 points of electability beyond the current polling.”

    Over three years ago I told members of the DAILY KOS that Hillary was a lousy candidate. I offered Tulsi then as a better candidate.

    I was kicked off the site for not preaching their Bible. I hope she does end up on his ticket and Sanders wins. I will rub it in their faces beyond belief.

    • CDavies

      Never mind, it doesn’t even matter at this point. KOS has come out for HIllary and stated he will no longer tolerate any negativity about her. (Paraphrased) People are leaving in droves.

      • The Pool Man

        I can’t believe Kos is such a shill for the establishment. His site is like crazy liberal but he’s all Reagan Democrat.

      • Recycled News

        There is a term for liberals who act like reverse Teabaggers – Firebaggers. Wear the label proudly.

      • THey need to come write for me.. We’re getting 50k hits per day after 1 month and growing fast. Would need to volunteer till we start making some cash off ads, but we could build a new more progressive news channel.

        • CDavies

          Patrick, Could we have a link to your site, please. I’m always looking for Bernie news.

        • Angl0sax0nknight .

          Yet no one would listen to it! Ever hear of Air America! Your Communist propaganda does not sell!!

  • Steve

    Obviously you spent a great deal of time putting together a littany of propaganda. Perhaps you should solicit Fox News for a job were research of facts or telling the whole story is not a prerequisite.

  • san

    As always, for years and years, HRC will not take the hit. She has, I am sure, set it up so as there will be fall guys and gals that will take the hit. She is half of the biggest American crime family who operates just as expected. The problem with all King Pins are that they become so huge in their own minds that they get sloppy because they think they are above the law, unstoppable. Once this happens watch all the soldiers, old and new come out of the woodwork to tell their story and then the kingdom will fall.

  • At this point. I’m in. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton, under any circumstances.

  • Theodore L. Bosen

    Its either Bernie now, or Trump later.

    Having helped organize NH’s largest county for Sanders, I saw Sanders set a record with more votes than any other candidate in the history of the NH primary, beating the last record by 25%! He beat Hillary here by 22%, got nearly that margin over Trump’s raw total, and got more than three times as many new voters as Hillary and over twice those of Trump. Hillary left such a bad aftertaste here with her heavy-handed tactics and insider arm-twisting, most Bernie voters are refusing to come out if she’s the nominee, ensuring not only her loss to Trump in the general, but killing any chance of sweeping Democrats into congress. Moreover, polls show consistently that Bernie beats Trump by decisive margins in the general, not Hillary. The choice is clear, Its either Bernie now, or Trump later.

  • Senator Bernie Sanders has all the qualities of a true leader. Bernie is fair, kind, honest, humble, energetic, authentic, intelligent, experienced, and passionate about helping each child succeed in this country, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations. Check Bernie’s record on you tube and learn the truth about him. He has been wise in his decision making skills and fought against needless wars including the Vietnam war and the Iraq war which took 1000’s of lives of young Americans while leaving others severely crippled. Bernie recently received the highest congressional award for his fight for veterans’ care from the Veterans of Foreign wars. 170 top leading economists and most physicians as well as nurses praise his budget for America. The medicare for all plan will save American families an average of 5,000 a year. Bernie’s plan will grow the middle class while ending the bribes and schemes going on in our government today. He will raise the min wage to a fair wage of $15.00 an hour which is long overdue! When people earn a fair wage they contribute more to the economy, keeping businesses competitive in prices because more small business will spring up! During the primary election, Bernie received 86% of the vote from his home state where he served as mayor and still serves as a member of the United States Senate. This 86% vote speaks volumes about his character and no other candidate even reached 50% in the states they served. He has been endorsed by many reputable organizations including the US post office, the nurse’s union, teacher unions, labor unions, top economists, etc. Bernie is Jewish (not a communist). He calls himself a democratic (by the people) socialist (for the people). Socialists programs built this country including our roads, utilities, national parks, (which saved the buffalo), public schools and libraries, our US military, social security, etc. Before our great country is turned into a system of total oligarchy, where the 1% club continues to buy our public servants, making the laws to benefit themselves, or trading scams and schemes to make big bucks for themselves, join the revolution to put an honest president in the White House. Our ancestors warned us what will happen to our country by allowing the shady deals to go on within our government.. Please get involved today by going to and make calls, pass out fliers, or contribute $5, $10, what you can afford! The revolution is here. All of our children’s future is at stake. Our country needs your vote! Vote smart! Vote Bernie!

  • Maralynne Flehner

    I’d like to know what your factual basis is for claiming that most Bernie or Bust members intend to join the Green Party after their primaries. I’m a member of Bernie or Bust and I intend to change my registration to Independent and vote for Bernie in the general election (by write-in if necessary). I regularly follow posts in the Bernie or Bust group and most members have stated that they intend to do the same thing.

  • Jim Williams

    After I vote for Bernie in the primary, I plan to, for the first time in my life register not as a Democrat but as an Independent. Bye bye DWS, bye bye Hillary.

  • Marc

    I don’t believe it. The establishment, on both sides of the aisle, like to keep things status quo, it keeps them in control. I don’t believe they will abandon Hillary and back Bernie.

  • Jason Nichols

    LMAO!!! They are not. This “article” is fucking bullshit and full of lies.

  • Marc

    All this article is, is wishful thinking. The establishment on both sides only cares about one thing, their grip on power. Hillary is their ticket, and Rubio is the Republican’s ticket.

  • You must not have heard of Bernie”s latest endorsement…. T.I. the hip hop rapper with his 20 million followers has just endorsed Bernie and is encouraging his followers to vote for Bernie. Maybe we can also get them on Bernie or Bust

  • Robert Goldberg

    This is an important article so utterly marred by sloppy editing, run-ons, sentence fragments and misspellings that I’m shocked. Does no one there copy-edit? I’ll share the article, but progressives tend to be intelligent and literate, and I’ll add the proviso that the editing doesn’t necessarily reflect upon the credibility of the article. But it does.

  • DrMichael

    A brilliant, well stated, factual article that gets to the core of why Democrats are leaving the party in droves, and why the party needs to change its game if it is going to survive in the 21st century.

  • Thank you, Patrick Curl.

  • haroldburbank

    the corp $2.5 billion the DEMs must raise to beat the REP will be shifted from hrc to sanders? impossible in the oligarchic usa today. perhaps after a true revolution, which sanders does not in the least want or represent.

  • Michael Rocker

    I say if you feel the Bern go see your Dr. for some ointment. I don’t care if he is from Brooklyn and Jewish just like I was but he does not represent me. Why is it that when he decided to run he went from being and independent to being a Democrat. Was he afraid he couldn’t win that way. He is a DINO.

    • alex

      Thats a ridiculous comment. Obviously, one needs to run in a major party to win, or even debate (gore. V bush). Bernie represents the New Deal which built the modern democratic party. The third way (clinton)democrats moved away from these ideals. The dem party of FDR is the one i want to support. Otherwise, what good are they.

      • Michael Rocker

        The Tea Bags may have been a factor in 2012 but this year they aren’t even a whisper this year. Most of the GOP disassociated from them.
        As far as Hillary goes she has the best person you could ever want behind her. A guy who had to deal with a GOP house and senate and know how to get the job done and I don’t mean a blow job from Monica. He he He

        • Laurie

          GOP disassociated themselves from the Tea Party? Don’t you meant the GOP *absorbed* the Tea Party? Drumpf and Cruz are thriving because of Tea Party supporters. If I’m wrong, please correct me with some facts!

          • bullet2354

            That is right – Trump is doubling voter turnout where he goes…

          • It took a decade or so, but the T Party finally figured out they had been coopted, so now “Trump” to try making their point clear.
            I wonder if this is the year progressives figure out the Dems have them coopted?

          • bullet2354

            ‘Emotional Thinking’ can lead to any fantasy.

          • Michael Rocker

            All you have to do is google it. There are pages of articles. Just make sure you find the right ones because they are mixed in with the Boston Tea Party

        • Get the job done by supporting the Gingrich agenda while distracting the nation as victim of the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” so Dems would still think they were opposing Republicans by voting for him.

    • Jeremiah Sherrill

      He may only be running as a democrat, but he is the only liberal running. If you want to vote republican go join the republican party.

      • Michael Rocker

        Why would I even fathom joining the Train Wreck of the GOP? They are just about to implode big time. But you can if you so choose.

      • Or vote for Hillary — get the Republican results without this year’s “reality show” drama.

    • Hiwolf

      Michael Rocker << Because he spent years not getting much support for his ideas and knows his history .. 3rd party candidates ( especially for president ) lose!! And take a hint from how the Tea party took over the REPUBS .. you change a party from WITHIN <<<!! And if he does not represent you then vote for Mickey Mouse !!

    • bullet2354

      He is running SIMPLY so that Hillary can stay ‘in the middle’ of the political spectrum and does not have to leap off the leftside edge.

      • I think that was her plan, until Bernie started winning primaries. Now she has to pretend to be a progressive, which will make things difficult when she turns right for the general election (if she wins the primary), and downright uncomfortable if she is actually ever elected to anything again.

    • Sanders had support from the Democrats when he won his campaign for the US House. One might also ask why the Democrats backed him rather than find their own candidate. Sanders caucused with Democrats so they could win things like House Speaker votes etc. One could ask why Democrats needed that. One could certainly ask why Democrats, after using him for their own purposes for all these years, would want to exclude him now.

  • elliefrost

    Whatever. Hillary dissing is so tiresome after all these years. I mean really: Yo moma.

    • Linda McDonald

      Telling the truth about Hillary is not “dissing”. If you don’t like the truth then about Hillary then find another candidate.
      Seriously “yo momma” ? LMAO

      • elliefrost

        Yes. I was being silly, but I also feel her “misdeeds” have been greatly exaggerated. I’m not naive. I’ve been following politics religiously for well over 40 years. I’m glad that Bernie is taking on the political establishment and whoever wins the democratic nomination, I’ll vote for. Hillary has been in the game a very long time and has been playing by the same rules as most all politicians do. Do I approve? No. But she is not the demon people make her out to be.

        • How can you vote for someone of whom you do not approve?

          • elliefrost

            Give it a break. I did not say I didn’t approve of her. I do not approve of everything she’s DONE. Her actions, not her being. I don’t approve of everything most politicians have done, including Obama. That does not mean I don’t support some of these people. Don’t keep trying to play word games with me. I’m finished.

          • My point exactly, you don’t approve of her actions, but you’ll still vote for her?
            How do you ever expect to elect someone who’s actions you can support if you keep rewarding bad actors?

    • Ibie Hepburn

      Hillary is for Hillary — Bernie is for us. Telling the truth about Hillary is a good thing to do, not a bad thing. Anyone who takes $675K from the Big Banks that screwed us over is not one of us.

      • elliefrost

        She’s been playing the same game that politicians have been playing for years. I don’t like the game, but I can understand that many in that sphere could have seen it as the only game in town. The complaints about Hillary are nothing new. I have doubts about her too, but I do think she could be a strong leader and a strong leader is what we need. I really don’t think she’s only out for herself. She does not have the common touch, but that’s personality.

        • MissingLeong’s

          She cannot lead nor govern if she is defending herself against the charges she is facing in regards to her actions as SOS.

          She also cannot lead nor govern the people of the US in her current role of puppet to Wall Street.

          • elliefrost

            No charges will stick. Sure, the political fingers will continue to point, but that’s nothing new. Wall Street contributors contribute to candidates who they think will win. That’s always been the case. We’ll just have to disagree.

          • That’s what Nixon’s supporters said.

          • Gunnar Berg

            Wall Street does indeed contribute to candidates who they they think will win, both to Democrats and Republicans. And that is the root of the problem- too many political favors owed to very few super wealthy people. Just what Bernie is running against.

          • elliefrost

            If someone gives you a very expensive present, do you feel compelled to jump hoops for them? I’m not arguing about this anymore. I am quite well informed thank you.

          • Was it not you who said wall street contributes to winners? The gift is based on ability to win, but is purely a gift with no access expected in return? Your logic eludes me.

          • elliefrost

            Not my problem. Instead of trying to make me wrong, why don’t you look at your own “thinking.”

          • CDavies

            You can’t think that is an apt comparison. If someone gives me a gift, it’s is because they care about me, not because they think I will ‘win’ something. That’s disingenuous. A whole group of unrelated people with only one purpose get together as a group to work toward that one goal. Groups of wealthy people and owners of extremely profitable businesses get together to find ways to improve their financial situations even further. One of the ways they decide upon is to donate to political campaigns with the understanding that those politicians will initiate and vote for bills that increase that ability. If the politicians don’t perform, they will not be the ones that get the money the next time They don’t just back ‘winners’ either. They basically choose the winners by who they choose to receive those donations. Their donations provide their chosen politicians with the means to do the activities that encourage people to vote for them. Someone running for office that is not getting the massive donations would have much less opportunity to get their message before the people. That tips the scales toward the ‘chosen ones’ that receive the donations. If you don’t understand this complicated process, of which my explanation is an oversimplification and yours is a grossly inaccurate oversimplification, then you may not be as “quite well-informed’ as you believe yourself to be.

          • If Clinton flat out said look thank you for your 5 Million Dollars but I’m going to break up Goldman Sachs and make sure you lose business.. — Do you think they’d give her more money? She has been promoting fracking all around the world for the past 5 years.

          • Gunnar Berg

            Without Wall Street and corporate backing, Hillary would not be a viable candidate. With Wall Street and corporate backing, Bernie would not be a viable candidate. How clear can I make it for you?

          • ClairePaname

            Actually then if “no charge will stick” I’m wondering why they don’t end the investigation already. Either she’s protected or she’s not, if she is then why not call it a day and leave that Damoclès sword above her head? Makes no sense.

          • elliefrost

            Seriously? The republicans have been on a witch hunt for Hillary for over 20 years with other investigations and millions of dollars spent. They’ve all gone nowhere.

        • But she’s leading on the wrong direction (judging by her actions, not her ability to parrot Bernie’s positions until the primary ends).

          • elliefrost

            I strongly disagree with your assessments and I will not defend my support of any candidate. I know a lot about the history of all candidates. I think you and many others are a bit deluded so I won’t argue about it.

          • vague, very vague.

          • elliefrost

            Are you serious? I’m not being vague at all. I suppose you don’t remember the Health Security Act of ’93 which was universal healthcare proposed by Hillary? She worked hard on it and was laughed at by the “conservatives.” She worked with Ted Kennedy to expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program, and she was the only woman on the Nixon impeachment investigation team. These are just a few of her accomplishments. Okay. There I am defending my support of her. I don’t have to. You can do your own damn paying attention. I’ve been aware of these political circuses far longer than you have and have been paying attention far longer I imagine. You Bernie people are so naive! I like him fine, but he hasn’t been playing in the big league like she has.

          • Did the ’93 effort fail?
            Shouldn’t we build on childrens health so that all children, and all people ahave health care, in a less expensive model than the one dominated by insurance companies?
            Do you think accepting money from health insurance and big pharma has no influence on Clinton’s new refusal to pursue Universal Health-care (which she used to favor)?
            Hillary’s position seems to be “The status quo is the best you’ll get, and if you don’t vote for me, we’ll take that away too.”
            Unless the elected represent our goal of Universal health care, it’ll never happen
            (which seems to be the desire of the4 Clintons and their big donors).

        • Yeah she’s a master at THAT game – but America is tired of THAT game — Congress is at a 10% approval rating for a reason.. We’re almost past the point of “Peaceful revolution”… it could come to real war when 40% of jobs are gone in the next 10 years because of automation. And can you name one president that was ever elected while in the middle of an FBI investigation?

          • elliefrost

            No doubt we live in very strange times, but scapegoating Hillary for the mess we’re in is not helpful. Period. Done.

          • No one is scapegoating. The problem is bigger than the Clintons. Problem is there are no better poster-children for government corruption and selling out progressives than them.
            All that is happening is people showing you the actual actions (as opposed to rhetoric) taken by your candidate. They are the very actions that cause the problem.
            No single candidate can fix it, but if we don’t start voting for candidates that will try, rather than “They all do that, she’s not quite as evil as the Republicans, I don’t want to talk about it ever again,” then nothing will change.
            Start voting for and against people based on their actions. We won’t always win, but we always lose by voting lesser of two evils (which is still evil).

        • ClairePaname

          If by “a strong leader” you mean “a carefree warmonger who will wreak even more havoc in the Middle East, so that the whole world pays the price of terrorism, refugees coming to die on European shores (something like 37.000 dead at sea already, not to mention the awful situation the survivors find themselves ???)., I must agree. See what Jeffrey Sachs has to say about her (pretty much like Tulsi Gabbard only much more strongly. We stand not far from a big escalation, and Hillary is the best way to make it happen fast.

          • elliefrost

            Lots of people have lots of opinions. We all agree with some and disagree with others. If your purpose is to convince me, you need not bother. I am quite well informed and draw my own conclusions.

      • EddieGin12

        Go Frack yourself

    • It’s not dissing if it’s the truth and it’s extremely important to know what we’re getting. She has made more bad decisions than anyone I know, even more than George Bush, that’s not the kind of person we need in the Oval Office.

  • Mike

    Pivotamerica is a legit source

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence. We’re still small and growing, glad to see people are resonating with our message.

  • Ibie Hepburn

    I hope she likes orange and I understand that feddie pansuit does come in that lovely, glowing shade.

  • Allison Jones

    Tonight’s debate from Flint should be interesting given Bernie’s awful record on the environment. Sierra Blanca, anyone?

    • Laurie

      Oh, you mean the hospital gloves and other low-level waste that was properly disposed of in a designated area? Yeah, that’s yuuuuge, paging Erin Brockovich 🙂

      • It was the kind of issue Bernie should have championed, because a possible outcome was Texas siting disposal in a community that did not have the resources to fight them (can you guess who was Texas Gov. at the time?). ((Ultimately the dump did not go there.))
        But the vote was a procedural approval of an agreement negotiated between three States, not an actual Congressional siting of the dump; and Sanders, as representative of one of the States, supported his States democratically elected government and their negotiated compact.
        Sanders, in my opinion based on his record and position on such issues, should have tried to do something about it. But that’s hardly a representation of Sanders history on environmental issues.
        If that’s the only questionable vote they could find in decades of public service, I’m pretty comfortable with Sanders record held up to scrutiny.

    • That’s all you got?
      I disagreed with Sanders position at the time, but would hardly call it proof of an “Awful” record on the environment.

  • ccaffrey


    • I dunno, we need a whole separate DNC .. is that possible to have a civil war within the party and create a 2nd DNC opposed to the first one?

      • Sure, but elected Democrats would have to form alternative caucuses and organizations, so you’ll have to elect some progressive Democrats.

  • Keenen Altic

    “FDR style Egalitarianism is back in.” Nope. We need something far more inclusive than the New Deal was.

    • True, Bernie’s new deal won’t be exclusive to blacks, or by religion, or by gender – but the premise is the same.. The new deal made it so essentially all money over a certain amount was taxed anyways so it was in the Company’s best benefit to actually use it on expansion than pay it to the CEO so they could pay more in taxes… That created millions of jobs.

  • SocraticGadfly

    Tulsi Gabbard is an Islamophobic bigot who loves India’s bigoted BJP. Sanders should have repudiated her endorsement the day it came out. She’s horrible.

    Individual Dems who happened to be part of the Dem Establishment will individually distance from Clinton somewhat, but there will be no establishmentarian throwing her under the bus.

    Plan B, to vote Green, is the right plan and should already more discussion than it’s getting. Greens have a true difference on foreign policy, too, which Bernie does not.

    • CDavies

      I don’t disagree with your opinion of the Green Party, but every vote subtracted from the Democrats makes a vote for a Republican more influential. I do think Dr Stein would make a fine VP.

  • Fredrocks

    Bernie all the way. One small point though, the TPP won’t drive jobs to China, they have been excluded from the deal, but, instead, they will go to the other Pacific Rim countries that are part of the deal. Hillary is a lying corporate shill.

  • Fred Weller

    People are feeling the Bern.

  • Mervin

    Speaking for me, It’s too late for the Democratic Party to change. I’m just one little guy, but I plan to attack that organization in every way I can. It’s time for a new Party not owned by big money, but by little money, money from people like me. I’d invest my little bit to build a better party for my children, my grandchildren, my great grandchildren. Same for the GOP. Bring them both down.

    • bullet2354

      On the Right side – we are in TOTAL WAR with our establishment (EGOP) … 60% of GOP voters are done with our ‘masters.’ Trump is not even an issue – he is just the vehicle we want to break up the Globalist Trade TPP TiSA movement/CFR etc.


  • paul mcenroe

    I’m from the UK and was wondering..Bernie is considered a socialist type of candidate..and that socialist policy has in the past generally been dismissed on the whole? Surely his popularity must in some way be an indicator..when NAFTA, TTIP and other corporate friendly treaties are in the wind surely it shouldn’t be surprising that someone with socialist credentials is popular…Corporate America doesn’t seem to care much about diverting jobs abroad in the name of profits..surely this in the long run damages the fabric of society..

    • paul mcenroe

      From here it seems a choice between neo cons in the Republican party, neo cons in the Democrat party and ..Trump *shudders at all 3*

      • bullet2354

        Trump is promising to halt the TPP and even realign existing Trade Deals to basically bring work back to America’s shores.

        This is no easy task for sure as the Regulatory climate from HR to OSHA to the EPA, the Taxes and wages from withholdings to unemployment to Obamacare to minimum wage, and then add in remaining imports (price and quality) and it makes ‘production’ in America very difficult.

    • CDavies

      Democratic Socialist is not Socialist. It’s like comparing a Christian to an Evangelical Christian, or a Muslim to a member of ISIS .Democratic Socialism is a less extreme form of Socialism. Bernie doesn’t think the government should own it all. He believes that everyone should contribute in an equitable manner, and the government should administer those contributions for the well-being of everyone. The military, police departments, fire departments and many other organized groups are socialistic. They are paid for by taxes for the good of the population as a whole, not a specific group within it.

  • When did Hillary say she would oppose TPP?

    • In recent debates and townhalls she’s been distancing herself from it.

      • Is that the “As currently worded” ruse?

        • ClairePaname

          Ah ! I’m glad somebody’s noticing how twisted her language is… Even while French I can hear the tricks. She gets caught flat-out lying when she doesn’t check herself but the rest of the time she’s putting conditions to all her assertions – as in “I’m opposed to fracking when…” and there goes the list of backdoors she would use to justify the very predictable flip-flop coming if she’s elected. People who say Bernie is pushing her to the left and that it is in itself a victory are delusional if they actually think anything she pretends to be saying now but in fact not so much to stay in the race would actually become real acts if ever she was president.

          • It is more twisted than that. Everyone hears it, but those invested in her ruse, either in her candidacy itself or the policy she’s pretending to oppose, that they pretend it is not there.
            It is intellectually dishonest, but that’s how Party Politics work in ‘murica.
            It is also the reason her negatives for dishonesty and integrity are so high.
            Nobody trusts her, but many use the sophistry to support her anyway, out of greed or fear of a “Greater evil,” both of which are her real campaign tactics, not issues.
            This year is the closest we’ve come in four decades to calling Clintons out on the tactic.

  • Mickey Miller

    this article is Bullshit

  • Robert Hounchell

    Great article and thanks for posting your website.

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  • Angl0sax0nknight .

    I don’t know why you still call the Democratic Party by that name any longer. Whether your for Hitlary or Communist Bernie. The Democratic Party is nothing but a Socislist/Communist party!! Why can’t all of you Socialist and Communist just be honest about who you are. When one of your leaders sees Mao (100,000,000 murdered) as a great leader you should stop and think. Your current leader opened up Cuba (how many political prisoners do they have locked away) and praised the country!! Personally, I would execute every last one of you once the Civil war starts. But that’s because given the chance you would kill anyone that doesn’t go with the program like a good Communist!!